Eero Red Light

How Can I Fix My Eero Red Light issue?

To let you know what’s going on with your connection at the present, eero just has a single LED status light. The state of your eero network may be deduced from the light’s color and whether or not it’s flashing or steady. If you are here, you have presumably just seen the eero red light.

This post will explain the significance of the eero red light, why it appears, and provide some tried and true remedies for resolving the issue.

What does it mean by Eero Red Light?

The eero’s LED light provides extra information regarding our network’s stability. If the eero’s red light is blinking, it means the device is not linked to the web. One of the most typical causes of this is a disruption in your internet service provider’s network.

Check to see whether all of our eeros are flashing red or if just one of them is. The good news is that there are things that can be done if your eero light is red, and those answers will be discussed in the next section of the article.

Ways to Fix Eero Red Light Issue

Assuming that the absence of a network connection is the root cause of the red eero light, we may go on with troubleshooting. The following solutions have been hand-picked to assist you get rid of the red light on your eero. However, if you’re not confident in your ability to fix this on your own, we advise getting in touch with your internet service provider (ISP) or eero support. Conversely, if you are ready to begin resolving the issue, let’s begin with the fundamentals:

Double-check the plugs and connections (properly)

Here, one of the first things to check is whether or not the Eero is linked to the modem, and if so, whether or not the connection is secure. The modem as well as the eero should both be turned on at the same time.

Verify that the Ethernet wire between the modem as well as the eero is plugged into the right port on both devices. We should feel a click when we insert the Ethernet wire into the socket. This will help you to resolve the issue of eero red light of death. 

Check Their Placement

If just one eeros is flashing red, then the issue is probably concentrated there. Careful placement of the eeros is essential for achieving a reliable signal across the whole house.

If you want to be sure this isn’t the cause of the red light on eero, you may follow these suggestions.

  • Your Eeros’ range determines how well they can speak with one another.
  • Make sure they’re on something flat and raised.
  • Avoid putting your Eeros in tight locations like cabinets.
  • Try to clear the path for the Eeros, if at all feasible.
  • Clear the area around the Eeros of anything that might disrupt the signal.

It’s time to reboot the eero (s)

A red light on the eero may be easily fixed in this method, and it works wonderfully. Power down the eero by removing its plug from the wall. Please pause for 30 seconds and reconnect. The eero’s red light should ideally be replaced with a constant white one.

The whole eero network may be restarted if restarting a single device fails to resolve the issue.

It’s time to give your Eero network a jolt.

To do a network restart, power cycle your modem and eero. Disconnecting the modem as well as the eero from their power sources is all that is required to do this. After a little while, reconnect them to the electrical outlet. After the modem has finished booting up, connect the eero and await for it to finish booting up as well. It should take no more than 2 minutes.

If the eero red bulb persists after this, go to Step 2.

Has your Internet service provider gone down?

ISP outage, maintenance, or any similar event might cause a temporary loss of network access. Get in touch with your Internet service provider to see if there is an outage in your region or to see if they are having any issues with their network.

You may also use third-party tools like DownDetector to be sure. Just key in the name of your Internet service provider to check whether other customers have reported problems. If your Internet service provider (ISP) is experiencing problems, you will need to wait until they are resolved before proceeding.


This write-up explains the meaning of red light in your eero device and how to fix the red light issue on your eero device. Red light on your eero device can be a syndication of multiple issues that might occur in future. If you’ve tried everything above and your Internet service provider has said there are no outages, you may need to contact eero support for help, since the problem may not be readily fixed at home. For more information on eero router red light, visit us at dashboard.eero

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