Using Eero With Existing Router

How Do I Configure Eero With Existing Router?

When combining the Eero with existing router, it’s crucial to know the precise setup and follow all the necessary steps to guarantee a secure connection. Existing routers in your house or office won’t be obsolete when you add Eero. Although Eero was designed with the express intention of replacing existing routers, it is also compatible with those devices.

You must be quite pleased with your new Eero Mesh WiFi system. It’s time to hook it up to your existing router. Read on to learn the specific steps for success.

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Wi-Fi Mesh System by Eero

When it comes to boosting your wireless network’s range and overall performance, the Eero mesh wireless solution is hard to beat. This can be of great use in situations where:

The usual performance of wireless networks can be impeded by the construction materials utilized in a structure.

Each customer also has access to the Eero mobile app, which works with the Eero router. The user can then set up, administer, troubleshoot, and even make changes to their wireless and Eero networks.

Setting Up Eero With an Already Existing Router

Although Eero Mesh WiFi is designed to replace your present wifi, it can be used in conjunction with your existing network if necessary. The two most common methods, bridging your Eero and Double NAT-ing, are available.

To make sure everything is connected and running as you expect, add using eero with existing router using any of these two approaches. Keep in mind that before beginning setup with either of these methods, you must have the Eero app downloaded and ready to go on your mobile device.

Connecting Your Eero

Connecting your old router to your new add eero to existing router through a bridge is a straightforward method of letting your old router continue to manage your network’s connection to the Internet. When you connect these two devices, you risk losing some of Eero’s more advanced functions.

Another thing to remember is that switching Eero to bridge mode may prevent you from using the mobile app to manage your network. What you need to do to switch into bridge mode is:

  • Launch the Eero app and tap the gear icon.
  • Select More Advanced Options
  • Pick NAT & DHCP
  • Substitute Bridge or Manual for the Suggested Automatic
  • Then, select Save.

How to Make Your Eero Do Double-Time NAT

If you want to set up double NAT on your Eero, you must know that you cannot connect the router directly to your modem. Fix this by linking your Eero to your network’s router. These two tools are not interchangeable in any way. However, if you own a modem/router hybrid, you can safely connect your Eero.

  • To complete the setup of your Eero, connect it to your router as instructed.
  • Launch the Eero app and tap the gear icon.
  • Select More Advanced Options
  • Pick NAT & DHCP
  • Substitute Bridge or Manual for the Suggested Automatic
  • A Save button is available.
  • When configuring your Eeros, use the SSID and password found on the device itself, not the router.

The Eero App in Action

Along with your Eero router comes the Eero app. To use your Eero router, you must download the Eero app. You’ll need this app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, to set up and manage your Eero or connect it to an existing network.

Your Eero can be added to the app after successfully linking to your network. As soon as you connect to Wi-Fi, the app will begin searching for your Eero, and you can then follow the on-screen steps to complete the setup.

Using this app, you can control your Eero and have a bird’s eye view of all the gadgets linked to your network. You can use this to troubleshoot, add new users, and verify that only authorized gadgets are connected to the system.

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There is a growing demand for dependable, high-speed connectivity as a result of the proliferation of smart gadgets and the rise in the number of individuals who do their jobs and consume media online from their homes. To meet all of your needs, your WiFi network must be flexible. If your home currently has a WiFi router, the Eero Mesh Wireless System is a terrific method to improve its performance and ensure that everyone can continue to stream without interruptions.
Can I use eero with my existing router to supplement an existing network simply by plugging it into your existing router? Since this is an option, you can join whenever it’s convenient. If you have any questions about Eero, please contact us whenever at eero dashboard page

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