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How Do I Update eero Firmware: Let’s Get Started!

Updating the firmware of your eero 6+ or eero Pro 6E may take far longer than you had anticipated. It’s possible that the eero firmware update won’t work.

You can look at the troubleshooting guide that Seeking provided if you want to learn how to resolve these issues.

1. If you have the luxury of time and can be patient, the first step that we advise you to take is just to wait for the firmware update to finish installing if it is still in progress.

When you go to sleep, when you go to school, when you go to work, or when you have to run errands, you can let the device try to update itself while you are away.

2. If the eero manual firmware update continues to fail, you can try rebooting your modem and your eero 6+ or eero Pro 6E device. By carrying out these steps, your internet connection will be reset, which may assist in accelerating the procedure.

Unplug your electronic devices from their respective power sockets to perform a power cycle. Be sure not to pull the plug on your eero 6+ or eero Pro 6E while the update is still installed. Instead, we suggest that you wait until the update is unsuccessful before proceeding on.

3. You may also attempt to alter the name of the wireless network by using the eero app. You will successfully disconnect the Eero network if you proceed in this manner, which may result in the update procedure being completed more quickly.

Why is it necessary for me to update the firmware on my router?

Consider it in this way: it is the responsibility of your router to ensure that all of your wireless devices remain connected to the internet. That is a very important job, and even though we don’t usually pay a lot of attention to it, it is absolutely necessary to, at the very least, keep an eye on it and update it from time to time.

Updates to the router’s firmware typically result in improved functionality, as is the case with other intelligent products. They can also fix vulnerabilities in the security system. When it comes to more recent routers that are equipped with intelligent functionality, firmware updates may even allow for the introduction of excellent features that improve your experience as a whole.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to carry out the following procedures:

Before we start, double check that the eero app has been successfully installed and configured on your cell phone or other mobile device. If you own an Android device, you can find the program in the Google Play Store; if you own an Apple device, you can find it in the Apple App Store; and if you own an Amazon device, you can find it in the Amazon App Store.

Launch the eero app on your cell phone or other mobile device so you can get started.

After that, check to see if you are logged into your eero account by clicking the “eero Dashboard Login” button.

Tap the Settings button located on the very first page of the application.

After that, you will have to select the “Wifi name” option.

Alter the name of the Wi-Fi network to something that you haven’t employed in the past.

Select “Save” from the menu. This will cause the devices in your eero network to become disconnected.

You will need to navigate back to the Settings menu in the eero app.

This time, you will want to select the “Software updates” option from the menu.

If the update eero firmware is not already in progress, you will need to select the download option in order to begin the process of updating the firmware.

Return to the application’s Settings menu once the eero 6+ or eero Pro 6E has been upgraded to the most recent software version after performing the update.

Tap the “Wifi name” option found in the Settings menu.

Make the name of the Wi-Fi network match what it was in the past.

Your eero 6+ or eero Pro 6E should experience fewer hiccups during the installation of subsequent software updates now that the firmware has been brought up to date.

If you are still having problems updating the firmware after attempting all of the methods that have been outlined above, then we recommend that you get in touch with eero so that you may receive additional support. The instability of the internet connection that is coming into your home may be the cause of the eero firmware update issues that you are experiencing, therefore, you may also want to try getting in touch with your internet service provider (also known as an ISP).

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