How to Reset an EERO to Factory Settings

Amazon’s Eero is not like other WiFi extenders on the market. This is due to the fact that it is a WiFi mesh network. Having a network of gadgets means that your whole house can be reached. With a mesh network, you can increase your WiFi’s bandwidth and download rates without sacrificing your connection’s stability. When combined with Alexa, the Eero Wireless System streamlines daily life for its consumers. Have you lost internet connection on your Amazon Eero system? Have you forgotten the Eero router password? Have no fear; this manual will clear everything up for you! This guide will walk you through the process of resetting your Eero router. We’ll also go through some of the causes your Eero WiFi can be down and how to fix it. Read on, and you will discover the best answer for eero factory reset.

Why You May Need To Reset Your Eero Router?

There might be a number of issues causing your Eero WiFi to go down. The absence of a blue flashing light on the Eero broadband is usually indicative of this problem. In such a circumstance, resetting your Eero Router may be necessary.

It is crucial to identify the root cause of the issue if the Eero router stops functioning. This will facilitate the problem’s resolution. If your Network adapter is down or your router is malfunctioning, try these troubleshooting steps.

Cables are not connected correctly

It is possible to wire or wirelessly link Eeros. If you’re using an Ethernet cable to join your WiFi network, you need to make sure the cables are routed properly. Both wired Internet connections (Ethernet) are available on the rear of every Eero. The Gateway Eero requires an Ethernet cable. A power cord is included for plugging the gadget into a standard electrical socket.

Damaged or Loose Cables 

If the wires were properly installed, they may have simply been dislodged. Make sure the plugs are all the way in for both wires. Damage to the connecting cables is another potential source of disconnect. Inspect the power cord and the Ethernet cable for fraying or other damage. While there may be little visible damage to older wires, they may still need to be replaced. Find out whether that’s the situation for you.

Internet Outage

This may not be an Eero router-related problem at all. If there is a temporary disruption in your area’s Internet connection, the Eero device will automatically rejoin as soon as it is able to do so.

Issue with Router Settings

There is a disruption in your Internet connection if the blue light on your Eero router also isn’t flashing. It’s possible that this problem is the result of corrupt router settings. The issue may be remedied, though, by pressing the reset button. In the next part, we will describe the procedures involved.

Issue With One Eero Device

Although the Gateway Eero could be OK, there may be an issue with the network connection on one of the other Eero devices. Given that every eero device is linked to the central Eero WiFi network, a reboot may be necessary.

Slow Speeds On Eero Devices

If your Eero WiFi is moving at a snail’s pace, you may only need to reset it or restart it. For those who have an Eero system and find that all of your devices are having sluggish Internet connections, you may restart the connection through the mobile app. It’s far more convenient than going through and repairing each gadget separately.

How to Reset Eero Router?

Eero’s WiFi systems are often regarded as being simpler to manage than those based on a single WiFi router. Resetting the Eero router is just as easy. There are two options available for resetting your Eero router.

First Method: Soft Reset

First, try a gentle reset if the Eero router stops responding. Performing a soft reset will completely remove any network settings previously established. However, your network configuration and data will remain intact. There’s no need to re-establish your wireless network, either. Your network’s efficiency may also be improved by performing a soft reset. Your Eero device may be soft reset by following these instructions:

  • Start by locating the button labeled “Reset” on your Eero router.
  • Put the device back to factory settings by pressing the reset button.
  • Ten second hold time please.
  • When the LED begins flashing yellow, you may let off of the button.
  • Hold on a minute.
  • Load up the Eero app on your device.
  • Once you have successfully conducted a soft reset, your Eero LED will become white. Further, the app’s outline will be green.

With a soft reset, you may avoid having to go through the whole process of restarting your device. See whether the problem with the Eero router has still been happening. An eero hard reset should be attempted if this is the case.

Second Method: Hard Reset

All of your Eero WiFi system’s previously saved configurations, data, and configurations will be lost if you do a hard reset. In other words, it resets your Eero router to its original configuration. Most problems with your wireless network may be resolved by performing a hard reset. The good news is that an eero hard reset on an Eero router is straightforward to do. Follow these instructions for factory reset eero:

  • Start by locating the button labeled “Reset” on your Eero router.
  • Put the device back to factory settings by pressing the reset button.
  • Put your hands on your head and hold for the next 15 seconds.
  • Pull the plug when the red light begins blinking on your Eero gadget.
  • Hold on a minute.
  • If the hard reboot was successful, the LED would flicker blue.

After a hard reset, all of your network’s data is lost. Before you can access the Internet again, you must go through the setup procedure. Your Eero gadgets will need to be reconnected to a Gateway Eero as well.

Third Method: Resetting the Eero device through the Eero App

To better control your home WiFi network, download the Eero app. You’ll have more say over your private network with this upgrade. The WiFi settings, data management, and connection tracking are all simplified.

You may restart your Eero devices remotely using the Eero app. The whole WiFi network may be restarted if necessary. It’s as simple as tapping your phone! Just follow these instructions to reset the Eero using the Eero app:

  • The Eero app must be opened.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Please choose the “Advanced” menu.
  • Pick the choice to “Reset.”
  • Just click the Restart Network button.

Using this approach will cause the whole Eero system to restart. All connected devices will lose internet access if you reboot your Gateway Eero.


This precise guide provides information on how to factory reset eero using the most usual settings. Also, if you are looking to get more information on eero and its configuration then visit eero login page now!

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