My eero Not Working

My eero Not Working: What should I Do?

Eero is undeniably a trustworthy WiFi router. Through its synergy with other Eeros, your entire home may be wired for internet access. If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet after setting up your Eero not working WiFi network, this tutorial will show you how to fix it.

When Eero unexpectedly stops working, the internet suddenly cuts off the modem.

If you’re looking for solutions to issues, read this whole article.

Why Does My Eero not working?

You may notice that your Eero loses internet connection yet continues to broadcast WiFi signals. In addition, you won’t know anything has changed until you either load a new page or refresh your social network feed.

As a result, there is a possibility that the absence of the internet will have no beneficial effects on the Eero WiFi network.

  • Possible causes of this dysfunction include:
  • Low-Quality Online Experience
  • Problems With Eero’s Internet Connection
  • The trouble with the Gear

Please explain the cause of my Eero network’s red status.

If your eero wifi is not working or Eero’s indicator is red, it means you have no internet connection. The Eero gadget is in search mode, actively trying to find a reliable internet connection.

So, let’s fix Eero by going through these troubleshooting steps.

Can You Help Me Fix My Eero Network?

Follow these steps to fix your Eero WiFi.

Power Cycle Your Modem And Eero Routers (Power Cycle)

The first option is to soft reset the Eero routers and start them up again. Your modem must also be restarted.

Any minor software or connectivity issues can be fixed by restarting Eero and the modem. In addition, each gadget requires a manual restart. Why?

Because Eero is not a modem, it will only replace your current WiFi network. As such, the Eeros will serve only as a replacement for your existing router.

In addition, a cable must be used to link the Eero gateway to your home’s internet service provider. Your ISP provides you with an Internet modem and the means to access the Internet. As a result, if you plug an ethernet cable into both machines, you’ll be able to access the internet.

Please proceed with the power cycle as directed.

Eero’s Power Cycle

Pull the plug to turn off the electricity.

Just a moment, please.

Connect the plug again. The white light will be flashing.

The light should stop blinking and stay white for a moment. In other words, the Eero has been successfully rebooted.

Reboot the Modem

Turn off your modem by removing its power cord from the wall.

There will be a 10-second delay.

Please reconnect the cord.

Connect your devices to Eero WiFi once the power and internet connection lights have stabilized.

Rebooting one or both devices could solve a connectivity problem of Eero not working. However, if you are experiencing issues with your internet service provider (ISP), you should contact them.

You should get in touch with your ISP for more information about getting online.

You can’t access the internet; that task falls on your internet service provider. Talk to your internet service provider about connection issues or slow download speeds.

One of your Eero nodes may have a strong internet connection, while the other has none.

Consequently, the Eero network device’s status must be checked independently.

Altering Your Eero Network’s Preferences

With the Eero app, you can see how the network is doing. Both Android and iOS users can download the app.

The software also has a network health check exclusive to iOS.

Checking the Eero network speed is as simple as following these steps:

Health Evaluation for Eero

Play the Eero app.

Enter the Preferences menu.

Just go to the Help menu. There are now four choices available to you.

Choose the answer that best describes your current predicament.

By activating this feature, the app will do a checkup automatically. The app will show the results and the next steps after the review.

Nonetheless, it’s possible that the problems won’t be fixed. Try the steps below if your Eero still has trouble connecting to your internet service provider.

Make Sure Your Ethernet Cables Are Securely Fastened

Because of numerous Eeros, the wired connection should be double-checked. Also, you’ll have trouble connecting if the ethernet cable isn’t plugged in correctly.

Therefore, begin with the primary Eero device and its connected connection to the modem.

Then, double-check the additional ethernet connections that connect the Eero to the wireless routers.

Further, you won’t be able to connect to your internet service provider (ISP) if the ethernet cable is broken. If you’re setting up an ethernet connection, double-check the RJ45 heads at each end.

Verify Ethernet Inputs

Make sure the ethernet port on your Eero router is functional if you intend to use a cable to link it to your computer.

Connecting a new cable with the same RJ45 head allows you to check the ports’ functionality.

If the ports appear to function normally and the issue persists, let’s try the next troubleshooting step.

Bridge Mode Detection

In bridge mode, the Eero network can communicate with any additional modems or routers already in use. There is an in-built function for it.

If you have an Eero expert set up your network, they will use bridge mode by default.

It’s possible, however, that you disabled the bridge mode by accident. Changing the bridge mode could cause you to experience new connectivity problems.

So, set your Eero to bridge mode.

Bridge Mode in the Eero App

To begin, install the Eero mobile app for your smartphone.

Select “Settings” now. Locate it in the lower right-hand corner.

Select “Advanced” from the menu.

Access DHCP & NAT by going to “Advanced” in the options menu.

Switch to Bridge or Manual mode from Automatic.

Once you’re done, click the Save button.

Activating bridge mode will allow you to reconnect to the Eero device.

Resetting the Eero router to factory settings may be necessary if the problem persists.

You Need to Reset Your Eero Router to Factory Settings.

If you want to get rid of all your Eeros from a network and start fresh, you’ll need to perform a hard reset on each one.

In addition, the entire Eero network will be deleted if the gateway is a hard reset. That’s why it’s suggested that you swap out the gateway with another Eero router.

Rebooting the Eero gadget also improves its network performance.

How can I reset my Eero WiFi to factory settings?

Try to find the button that resets the device.

If the LED light isn’t blinking red, keep pressing the button.

Pull the trigger back.

The blue LED light will begin blinking. It proves that the Eero gadget has been reset successfully. The installation process can now begin. If you want to keep your wireless network safe from hackers, activate the Eero secure option.

In addition, the Eero network will be disabled, and all linked devices will be lost.


If you are facing Eero not working this problem still, then check if the Eero is generally functioning by trying the aforementioned troubleshooting measures. If you are still having trouble connecting, you should contact Eero. Your Eero network device will be repaired by their expert team visit eero dashboard page.

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